1 BOO = USD $0.0731 (24 hour)
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1 BOO = USD $0.0731 (24 hour)

What is?

Boogle is the world’s first decentralized search engine where users are able to earn cryptocurrency as they search. Boogle’s search engine is built to be free from monopolistic control or jurisdiction restrictions on content. Its ranking and search data are stored on hybrid blockchain, ensuring decentralized control over its data, with no single entity able to have control over it, or mine it for profits without the user’s permission.


What is boo token?

Users using the search engine platform will be rewarded with Boo tokens when they perform any search or click on any advertisement. Users can have the option to keep the Boo tokens as it is or directly convert to fiat currencies to prevent fluctuations of the token price.

* Boo tokens are locked by the “Boogle Guarantee” which ensures that the lowest possible value is set at USD 0.01.