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What isBoogle?

The Boogle Platform aims to build a decentralized global network, based on mutual benefits for users. The blockchain behind Boogle combines simplicity, security, cost-effectiveness, speed, and stability for users to utilize the Boogle search engine.

Boogle is a blockchain search engine where users are able to search for anything they need, including news and other coverage which are not filtered by a centralized organization, effectively creating a net neutral environment for internet users around the world.

What problem does

Boogle solve?

The current internet is influenced by governments and ISP filters. Boogle is about bringing net neutrality and preventing ISP monopoly. Users control the content that they want on their search engines. Finally users are able to dictate what they want to search for.

In addition, compared to normal search engines that reap all advertising costs, Boogle will bring back part of all revenue to users who click links from advertisers. In other words, simply by using the Boogle search `engine, you will be paid BOO tokens!

What is the utility of

BOO token?

Any user can use the BOO tokens to post advertisements on the Boogle platform. This allows users to strategically place their ads on high viewership locations or search results with the help of BooWords (Keywords). Ad users can set how much they wish to burn-per-click, whereby the higher amount of BOO tokens burnt, the higher visibility of the ad itself.